A Star is Born Productions

The highest quality film production services, provided by professionals, for professionals.

A Star is Born Productions is a professional film production company specialising in showreels for actors, headshots for performers, promotional video content/adverts for businesses and music videos for artists based in London. 

“I would 100% recommend A Star Is Born Productions to ANYONE!” – NICOLA RICHARDS 

Luck is where preparation meets opportunity! That opportunity will come but when it does, to land that lucky break you NEED to be PREPARED and that preparation is a showreel and up to date headshots!

“I believe A Star is Born productions delivers an absolutely perfect experience. As an actress, I was very happy with the level of professionalism and how they make you feel at ease. I highly recommend their services to any actor or creative professional out there. I managed to get a lead role in a film from my showreel material so thank you A Star is Born productions for your unique service!”- ROSEMARY LLOYD




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