Why get a Showreel?

“Katie and the crew made me feel very comfortable throughout the day. Feeling at ease is the most important thing when shooting your scenes! Thank you for two wonderful scenes!”


Luck is where preparation meets opportunity! That opportunity will come but when it does, to land that lucky break you NEED to be PREPARED and that preparation is a showreel!

In order to be taken seriously by casting directors in this very competitive industry, every actor wanting to start a career must have headshots and now more recently is expected to have a professional showreel. Whether you’re just beginning your acting career or you want to give your current portfolio a refreshing makeover then A STAR IS BORN PRODUCTIONS is the company for you!

“It was great to work with Katie. She is a lovely girl and I had lots of fun shooting my scene. I felt at ease and enjoyed bringing the script to life.”


A Showreel is a professionally filmed CV for an actor, usually consisting of two or three different genres of a scene showing versatility in content and acting skill.

 Produced correctly, this showcases to a casting director the actor’s ability and should highlight their strengths and the roles in which they shine best at performing. 

“The whole shoot was really professional and I felt confident and relaxed during filming. The finished scene looked great, my agent loved it so much that she got me to shorten other scenes in my reel so that it has as much of my new scene in as possible!”


Self-tapes are now often seen as unprofessional and amateurish in the industry, and actors are much more likely to get the part with a showreel over someone auditioning with a self-tape made at home and filmed on a phone or average household camera.  

“Katie was very helpful on set, she threw herself to help with anything we asked for, the atmosphere was creative and comfortable. I loved the script and I have some great moments with my partner for my showreel!”


More recently agencies and managers will not sign new talent without a showreel as it is named as one of their necessary requirements very often…

“Katie and her team are fantastic! Always available if I needed from the day I texted them until I received my showreel, they prepared an amazing script with a great scene partner, they’ve been incredibly professional!”          -GAIA POLI

We can honestly say here at A STAR IS BORN PRODUCTIONS you WILL NOT find a BETTER PRICE for such a HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCT anywhere else, we are a professional but extremely friendly and relaxing team to shoot with, just check out our testimonials page and see for yourself our many shining reports from previous clients!

If you’re interested in booking a showreel or if you have any questions please fill in the contact form below and one of our team will be in touch.

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